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Heart of Mission

"Have you ever heard the story about Jesus, Jo?" "Yes, a little bit" "Do you know Jesus? Who is Jesus?" "The creator of the earth" "What the other thing you know about Jesus?" "I dont know" "The important thing that you have to know is that Jesus is a Savior" "Hmm?" "Do you need a savior?" "I dont know" "You are a sinner, me too. We need a savior to save our life" "Hm?" "Because Jesus loved us so that why He came to the earth left heaven to saved our life. He wont us perish, but has eternal life together with Him in heaven. "When you die, do you want to go to heaven or hell?" "Heaven" " Do you know, there is no other way to go heaven, except through Jesus. Jesus is the one and only way to go to heaven" "Do you want to receive Jesus as your Lord and savior?" "Yes" "Have you ever prayed"