Menampilkan postingan dari Juni, 2012

It's be my pray too :))

Few months ago, I thought that I will never need to pray like this again...  But God proved me wrong... The situation now forced me to start from zero again... And I start with this prayer... Dear God in heaven... Holy is Your name... Thank You for raising me up until this day... I have been very blessed to be able to know You,  to be saved by You, And I'm thankful for whatever I endure in this world so far... Both the good and the bad... Because I believe that whatever happened, it was Your plan... (Submissiveness) Dear God... Today, let me utter this cry, this hope... God, this is my prayer... If this is Your will, let it be done in Your time... But if it is not, please show me Your ways... (My needs) God, You know my need of a life partner, someone, just one man, to be my husband... and father for my children... I need someone with whom I will build a family that will serve You everyday... (Joshua 24:15) I need someone that when we both together, we will